List of notable signatories

Notable signatories: 106 verified.

Name Position and affiliation, or personal comment Date signed
Prof. Andreas von Arnauld

Director, Walther Schücking Institute for International Law, University of Kiel, Germany, founded in 1914

David Rains Wallace, M.A.

Nature writer and conservationist; author of twenty books, including “The Monkey’s Bridge” and “The Klamath Knot,” winner of numerous literary awards and honors

Mr. Alexander Evelyn M. Waugh

Author of several books, including "Time", "God", "Fathers & Sons", "House of Wittgenstein"; Editor, 42 Vol. "Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh", OUP (forthcoming)

Mr. Robert Wolf, M.A.

American writer and journalist; recipient of Bronze Medal Award for radio commentary, Sigma Delta Chi Award, both from the Society of Professional Journalists

Dr. Alan L. Woods, D. Phil.

Emeritus Director, Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, Ohio State University; Central Ohio Theater Critics Circle Roy Bowen Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Michael York, M.A.

Actor and author, "A Shakespearean Actor Prepares"


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