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Name Position and affiliation, or personal comment Date signed
Prof. Anthony John Pointon, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor; formerly Director of Research, Univ. of Portsmouth & Chairman, International Dickens Fellowship; author, "The Man Who Was Never Shakespeare"

Oliver Pookrum

Founder of the Pookrum Playhouse and the African-American Theater Lab

Dr. Luke Prodromou, Ph.D.

MA, Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham; PhD, Applied Linguistics, U. of Nottingham; author of 20+ books; co-author of award-winning "Dealing with Difficulties."

Michael D. Rubbo, M.A.

Director, "Much Ado About Something," award-winning documentary on the case for Christopher Marlowe; co-winner, Hoffman prize. Former lecturer on film, Harvard.

Prof. Don Rubin

Editor, World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre; Former Chair, Dept. of Theatre; Former Director, Grad. Program in Theatre Studies, York University, Toronto

Mr. Mark Rylance

Actor; Artistic Director, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre 1995-2006; Associate Artist, Royal Shakespeare Company; Chairman, The Shakespearean Authorship Trust.

Prof. Bernd E. H. A. Schuenemann

Professor Emeritus; Dr honoris causa mult; Director, Institute for Lawyer's Law; former Chair, Criminal Law, Philosophy, Sociology of Law, University of München

Prof. Jack M. Shuttleworth, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Emeritus, United States Air Force Academy; long time Oxfordian; editing the Oxfordian edition of Hamlet.

Dean Keith Simonton, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Psychology, University of California at Davis; Sir Francis Galton Award for the Study of Creativity, 1996.

Frank-Patrick Steckel

German theatre director (Hoffmann, Shakespeare und das Deutsche Theater im XX. Jahrhundert)

John Paul Stevens

Justice, U.S. Supreme Court

Prof. Peter A. Sturrock, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics, Stanford University; author, "AKA Shakespeare: A Scientific Approach to the Authorship Question"

Geir Håvard Uthaug, M.A.

Norwegian writer/poet/translator; biographer of William Blake & Henrik Wergeland; translator of Blake, Conrad, Shakespeare (Richard II), others; numerous awards

Prof. Andreas von Arnauld

Director, Walther Schücking Institute for International Law, University of Kiel, Germany, founded in 1914

David Rains Wallace, M.A.

Nature writer and conservationist; author of twenty books, including “The Monkey’s Bridge” and “The Klamath Knot,” winner of numerous literary awards and honors

Mr. Alexander Evelyn M. Waugh

Author of several books, including "Time", "God", "Fathers & Sons", "House of Wittgenstein"; Editor, 42 Vol. "Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh", OUP (forthcoming)

Mr. Robert Wolf, M.A.

American writer and journalist; recipient of Bronze Medal Award for radio commentary, Sigma Delta Chi Award, both from the Society of Professional Journalists

Mr. Michael York, M.A.

Actor and author, "A Shakespearean Actor Prepares"


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