Photos from 400th anniversary global doubter events

In Sydney, Australia
In Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia. “In solidarity with Reasonable Doubters worldwide, Jepke Goudsmit & Graham Jones (co-directors, Kinetic Energy Theatre Company)” Kinetic Energy Theater Company made the month of April "Shakespeare Authorship Awareness Month" and offered Declaration flyers to all theater-goers. Graham Jones, Jepke Goudsmit, Sherri Hilario, Janaka Biyanwila, Tiffany Hoy, Simon Lee, Forever Tupou, Henriette Tkalec, Shane Millward, Che Baines.

In Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway: 100+ attended the event at Norway's House of Literature on April 24

In Oslo, Norway

Norwegian State Scholar Geir Uthaug (left) and Petter Amundsen, co-hosts

In Oslo, Norway

Geir Uthaug with famous Swedish writer Gosta Friberg, and his equally-famous wife, actress Helena Brodin Friberg

In Oslo, Norway

Declaration of Reasonable Doubt poster signed by 56 people at end of the event

Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance

London: Actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance meet at Jacobi's home
to shoot a video reaffirming their support for the Declaration, April 21, 2016.

In Toronto, Canada

Toronto event at Canadian Stage Company's Berkeley Street Theatre, Toronto, April 24th

In Toronto, Canada

Canadian poet Chris Pannell MCs, with a copy of complete Declaration in his hand

In Toronto, Canada

Actor Keir Cutler, Ph.D., with Diana Price

In Toronto, Canada

Featured speaker Diana Price explains “Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography”

In Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables, Florida: Joe Adler, renowned artistic director of GableStage, with attorney Tom Regnier, giving a talk on April 11, 2016. (You can watch a video of Tom's talk here.)

In Flint, Michigan

Michigan: Oberon Shakespeare Study Group's event at University of Michigan-Flint. Back row: Paul Gifford; Matthew Wyneken, PhD; Richard Joyrich, MD; Pam Verilone; Front row: Sharon Hunter, Rosey Hunter, Mary Jo Kietzman, PhD.

In Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles: Signatories from Shakespeare Authorship Coalition (SAC) & Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable (SAR) reaffirm their support along with SAC patron Michael York at the Shakespeare Center of LA, April 24

Roundtable meet at the Shakespeare Center of LA

SAC Chairman John Shahan, principal speaker at Shakespeare Center of LA, April 24

In Palo Alto, California

Members of the San Francisco-based Horatio Society reaffirm their support for the Declaration at home of Peter J. Sturrock, Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics, Stanford University, April 23, 2016.
Front: Marty Litchman, Joan Leon, John Hamill, Peter Sturrock, Coleen Moriarty, Barry Graynor
Top: Ugo Baldassari, Scott Fanning, Jose Caratini, Gilberto Leon, Ramon Jimenez, Kelly Cuthberson.